Singaporean Sean Hudspeth manages to finish the Sprint Championship 2nd in the standings, despite 2 punctures and a turbo failure during the year.

After 2 tyre punctures and a turbo failure this year, Sean Hudspeth and teammate Mattia Michelotto came into the last round of the Italian GT Sprint championship 3rd in the standings. However, a hard fought win and 4th overall in Race 1 brought them back into the lead. They were right behind the leaders and championship rivals in race 2, but a late safety car meant that they couldn’t overtake for the win and had to settle for 2nd.

Even though they are tied for 1st in the championship in terms of points, they were relegated to P2 in the end because of one less podium finish than their rivals.

“I feel that Mattia and I did a really good job this year and deserved the Sprint title as well, but it just wasn’t meant to be. However, I am still over the moon about winning the Endurance Championship!” – Sean