We had an amazing 2 days at Autodrom Most in the Czech Republic last summer, with two experienced track day drivers taking the next step and having a go in a full race car for the first time! The car in this case was the new Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport, which came fully prepared with technical support, track rental, new tyres, insurance, pit garage, hospitality and catering, plus helmets and race wear all included as part of the event package. Performance coaching was also provided using F1-style data telemetry and onboard video analysis. We had a blast on track, however, the experience wasn’t limited to pure adrenalin! Luxury hotels and transport were also organised, as well as a lovely weekend in Prague where we enjoyed the finest food and drink in one of the world’s most beautiful cities!



“I had an incredible 2 days with Sean as driver-coach in a GT4 ClubSport at Autodromo Most in Prague. It was my first time in the track car and on slicks (GT3RS was the last track experience for me) but Sean's diligence and clarity of instruction were incredibly effective. With each session, he reviewed telemetry and gave me specific areas to work on to improve speed and confidence. By the last few sessions, I was driving so much faster but paradoxically with far greater confidence, consistency, and much less fatigue. Sean, you were critical in giving me a deeper understanding of the art and science of performance on the track. Thank you! You are an awesome race-driver and driver-coach! Hope your race season ends on a high!”

O. Lim