Formula Car Testing

From racing karts, most drivers move on to race formula cars, otherwise known as single-seaters. There are then various levels of formula car racing before reaching the pinnacle of motor racing at Formula 1.

Sean’s first attempt in a single-seater was at the end of 2010, when he was offered a scholarship testing with Meritus Racing. 10 laps was all he did, leaving him wanting for more.

In early 2011, Sean completed three full days of Formula BMW testing with Meritus Racing and clocked decently good timings, even on the slightly damp track.

At the end of 2011, Sean had two half-day Formula BMW testings at Pasir Gudang and was just 2 seconds off the lap record.

Just before entering his first race of 2012 – the Rotax Invitational Race at Elite Speedway PLUS – Sean had one day of Formula BMW testing at Sepang International Circuit.

While his focus is still on karts this season, the next step would be to explore racing in formula cars.